It’s tough to be the boss. And even tougher to be a Boss Monster.

Based on BOSS MONSTER, the hit tabletop game by Brotherwise Games with over 1 million copies sold, Boss Monster Adventures follows Kid Croak, son of the most fearsome boss in the Overworld, on a quest to replace the magical crystal that powers his fathers’ trap filled Final Castle. Joined by cool vampire, Draculad, and ever-loyal brain in a jar, Cerebella, the three venture out into a world of pesky heroes, dangerous dungeons and life-changing secrets.

Inspired by popular fantasy and videogame conventions, Boss Monster Adventures is filled with 8-bit music, easter eggs and epic adventure that both old school fans and modern listeners will enjoy.

Starring Noah Bentley (Dragons: Rescue Riders), Tristan Chen (Turning Red) and introducing Madeleine O’Neal. 

This podcast is appropriate for all ages.

Show Cast Members
Noah Bentley (Kid Croak)

Madeleine O'Neal (Cerebella)

Tristan Allerick Chen (Draculad)

Jeff Schine (Boblin)

Grace Rolek (Gorgona)

Laila Berzins (Killa)

Jason Kelley (King Croak)

Ed Cunningham (Game Announcer/Krom)