That end of senior year rager is going to be crazy.

But that’s nothing compared to the party so insane that it could literally destroy the universe.

Darien and her two besties Marcela and Annie had one last chance to turn four years of being at the bottom of the high school social ladder around at Francesca’s epic end of the year party. Only problem… they didn’t make the invite list. While trying to convince the bouncer to let them in, they meet an odd guy who tells them he can help. Turns out he’s a giant time lord with plans to take them to the Best Party Ever… that just happens to have been thrown thousands of years in the past.

But like all great parties… things don’t go as planned. Darien and her friends end up in Ancient Greece and must survive deranged orgies, vomitoriums, a fame-obsessed Helen of Troy and time travelers who want to destroy the universe. Can they save themselves, get home, have the time of their lives and prevent the cosmos from unraveling?

For audiences 15 and up. Crude language, sexual situations and comedic violence.

Show Cast Members
Olivia Trujillo (Darien)

Courtney Lin (Marcella)

Sharmita Bhattachary (Annie)

Noah Bentley (Quixoto)

Nickie Bryar (Chronelia)

Penny Epstein (Helen of Troy)

Izzy Crenshaw (Francesca/Oracle 2)

Gabriel Warburton (Tadeo)

Grace Rolek (Sydney/Sappho)

Diana Wright (Writer/Oracle 3)