The greatest heroes of the fiction have assembled to save the world. Only this time… they’re animals.

In the late days of the Victorian era, Kip, an adorable Yorkshire terrier, is thrust into adventure when his girl, Dorothy Gale, and a magical slipper go missing. Desperate to find her, Kip teams up a rag-tag group of animal heroes that include the suave White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, the brilliant and eccentric Toad from Wind and the Willows, the persnickety Cricket from Pinocchio and the Darling’s protective St. Bernard, Lulu, from Peter Pan.  Together, they will uncover a plot that threatens London and the mysterious figure who is scheming to wreak vengeance on all of mankind.

Starring Emmy Nominated Donovan Patton (Joe from Blue’s Clues) as Kip, Makgotso M (The Woman King) as Lulu, Emmy Nominated Eric Petersen (Kevin from Kevin Can F*** Himself) as Mr. Toad, Robbie Jarvis (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix) and Brian Stepanek (The Loud House, Green Book) as the Talking Cricket.

A thrilling tale of adventure for the whole family to enjoy.

Show Cast Members
Donovan Patton (Kip)

Makgotso M (Lulu)

Eric Petersen (Mr. Toad)

Brian Stepanek (The Cricket)

Robbie Jarvis (Whit)

Olive Epstein (Dorothy Gale)

Scott Peat (Weasel Henchman)

Daphne Bloomer (Chief Weasel)

Senta Moses (Evelyn Gale)

Matthew McCray (Archie Gale)

Michael Nehring (Sherlock Holmes)

Ed Cunningham (Black Beauty)

Adam Jay Epstein (Writer)