Feeling nudgy? Having a hard time sitting still? The Fidgets are here to get you moving!

Zip into bite sized adventures with Brooke, Rose and Comet, a team of fuzzy, butterfly-winged otters who will get kids moving their hands, arms, legs and bodies. King Sloth is on a mission to slow the world down to a standstill. But the Fidgets know there is so much fun to see, hear and do. Can kids help foil King Sloth’s lazy plots and bring energy back into the world? With three perky personalities, the Fidgets will bounce into kid’s hearts.

Perfect for ages 3-8.

Show Cast Members
Grace Rolek (Brooke)

Daphne Bloomer (Rose)

Sydney Sepulveda (Comet)

Jonathan Freeman (King Sloth)

Gabriel Warburton (Ratty the Badger)

Justin Felbinger (Jake Parma)

Olive Epstein (Elaine)

Chaz Pruchnicki (Writer)