Over stressed? Overworked? The Peace and Mind app will put an end to that.


On the weekend before their ACTs, Anya and her friends download a new mobile relaxation app to take the edge off, unaware that it secretly plants murderous subliminal messages into the brains of its listeners. When people start dying, Anya must figure out who planted the corrupted malware on their phones and how to stop it before she becomes a killer herself.

Starring Olivia Trujllio (Lin Manuel Miranda’s Vivo, For All Mankind) as Marie, Andre Robinson (Disney+’s Cheaper By The Dozen, Nico in Nico and the Sword of Light) as Callum, Patrick Labyorteaux (NCIS, Heathers) as the Voice and introducing Penny Epstein as Anya.

Teen horror for older audiences only.  

Show Cast Members
Penny Epstein (Anya)

Olivia Trujillo (Marie)

Andre Robinson (Callum)

Patrick Labryorteaux (The Voice)

Paula Lisbe (Anya's Mom)

Steve Allerick (Officer Chen)

Brian Stepanek (The Cricket)

Jane Silvia (Wellizm Survivor)

Lyla Butler (Sundae)

Michael Nehring (Mr. Lynne)

Adam Jay Epstein (Writer)