Evil lived at 18 Hope Street. Then the bulldozers came. Where was evil to go?

Laney Kasten,  16, along with her younger brother and mother, are forced to move out of their rented house as the neighborhood they once called home is rapidly gentrifying and they are being priced out. Now, until they can find a new safe place to call home, she has to live in their car on Hope Street near the town park where all the unhoused have taken up residence.

But Laney is not the only one who has recently been made homeless…. a house on Hope Street which was inhabited by a malevolent entity was torn down to make room for a new mini mansion. But destroying the house doesn’t destroy the spirit… and it is now taking its wrath out on the unhoused residents of Hope Street. A Haunted House story without the house.

This elevated horror with Poltergeist vibes is for older audiences only.

Show Cast Members
Sydney Sepulveda (Laney)

Cissy Jones (Ashley)

Grady Lisbe (Jake)

Emily Hahn (Erin)

Malcom Bowen (Brandon)

Scott Peat (Jason/Joseph)

Penny Epstein (Gina)

Jack Stepanek (Ian)

Olive Epstein (Eleanor)

Tyler Clifton (Writer)